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HB Type 3 Ton 5 Ton 10 Ton Explosion Proof Electric Hoist Wire Rope Hoist

HB type explosion-proof electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment specially used in inflammable and explosive places, with explosion-proof performance, suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Applicable place: HB explosion-proof electric hoist is suitable for flammable and explosive gas, steam and dust environment.

Explosion-proof level: usually meet the international explosion-proof standards, such as ExdⅡBT4, ExdⅡCT4, etc. Structural materials: explosion-proof materials and explosion-proof structures are usually designed to ensure safe use in explosive hazardous environment.

Explosion-proof motor: equipped with explosion-proof motor, which can operate in a dangerous environment.

Explosion-proof control cabinet: the control cabinet also meets the explosion-proof requirements to ensure the safety of electrical equipment.

Explosion-proof chain: use the explosion-proof chain as the lifting mechanism to ensure the safe and reliable operation.


    Working duty A3, A4, A5
    Working temperature -20 degrees celsius ~ 40 degrees celsius
    Power supply 380V 50HZ 3 phase or other
    Trolley speed (m/min) 20
    Lifting speed(m/min) 8
    Anti-hazard Classification ExdⅡBT4, ExdⅡCT4

    Key attributes

    Capacity 1 ton~50 ton, or customized
    Lifting Height 1-30m,  or customized
    Application Mining industry, Oil and Gas industry, Energy industry, Paper industry, Power Industry, Automobile industry, Aerospace industry, Manufacturing industry, Factory workshop, steel industry, Water conservancy, Renewable resources industry, construction business
    Quality warranty 1 Year
    Color Blue, Green, or Customized Color
    Operation method Remote Control, Pendant Control(or customized)
    Package Standared


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