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Double-output rope and four-rope galvanized pickling electric hoist

Anti-corrosion performance: galvanized special hoist usually adopts anti-corrosion materials and treatment process to ensure long-term use in galvanized environment without corrosion.

Load capacity: According to the requirements of the galvanized production line, the galvanized special hoist usually has the appropriate load capacity to undertake the lifting and hanging tasks of metal products.

Stability: In order to ensure that the metal products are not damaged during the galvanizing process, the galvanized special hoist needs to have a stable operation performance, and can accurately control the position and movement of the crane object.

Control mode: galvanized special hoist is usually equipped with the corresponding control system, easy to operate, can achieve accurate lifting control.

Safety: The galvanized hoist shall meet the safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during operation. Galvanized special hohoist plays a vital role in the galvanized production line, which can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and reduce labor intensity.


    Working level A3-A5
    Working environment temperature -20℃~40℃
    Power 380V 50HZ or other
    Hoisting mechanism  traveling speed (m/min) 20
    Hoisting speed(m/min) 8

    Key attributes

    Lifting weight 1ton~50t
    Lift height Customizable
    Application Iron tower factory, galvanizing workshop, pickling workshop
    Quality Warranty 1 Year
    Color Blue red yellow,or Customized
    Control method Pendant Control+Remote Control(selectable)
    Packing Standared Package


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